DNA Canvas Art: Going All Natural

With today’s hi-tech imaging software there’s a brewing debate about digitally enhanced photos. If you want to look thinner… no problem. If you want to drop ten years… not an issue. The common question is not, “Do you want digital enhancement?” but “How much enhancement would you like?”There’s a growing concern that what you see is NOT really what you’ll get.On the other side of the spectrum there are companies that don’t subscribe to the over-enhanced look. One such company is DNA Imprints located in San Diego, California. They offer stretched canvas art digitized from an actual client’s DNA. They believe the natural look accurately paints the most authentic portrait.Coming from their artists the natural look equals a richer, more elegant design. There’s more heart and soul being revealed in its most natural form. Natural beauty is sexier and more appealing than digitally enhanced.For example, when they digitalize a client’s DNA to bring out the visible bands-each of the bands has a random look. Being captured in its natural state some bands appear oval, some resemble rectangles and some have a fuzzy edge. And most have varying degrees of transparency.There’s another reason why they prefer the natural look…You’ve heard the old saying, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”Seems there’s an ethical issue within the scientific community about digitally enhancing DNA bands to the effect that it can no longer be called your DNA. That’s an issue this company doesn’t want to contend with. They don’t want to stake their reputation on any questionable scientific practice. They realize that most first-year science students can basically spot the difference between a natural DNA band and one that has been digitally enhanced.In my opinion, there’s no clear winner to this brewing debate. It’s whatever people prefer that counts the most. It’s even okay to have it both ways.

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